FamlyApp FAQ’s

What does “FamlyApp” mean?

FamlyApp is all about helping you to bring your family closer together.  That's why we choose a name that means "family". It has Latin roots and the first found use goes back to the 12th century.  We could not find any videos of families from that period though - if only they had FamlyApp back in the day. 

Another video/photo app? Why should I use FamlyApp instead?

Because you and your family deserve a private and safe way to share and save all of those family videos and photos. FB and Instagram are fun for social stuff but how many family photos can you put on FB before people start to wonder ;-)

FamlyApp is for private sharing for all of your family members videos and photos, and then effortlessly saving them in one place for the next generations. We rescue your family videos and photos from bulky videotapes, crumbling boxes, forgotten film cartridges, vulnerable computer hard drives, creepy attics, and moldy basements and store them in one place for family sharing and safe keeping.

That’s the power of FamlyApp. Keep your family with you.

Every video and photo your family takes automatically goes to your family picture/video cloud location. On FamlyApp.com, your family can blend all the photos and videos of a family event (like wedding or birthday party) and put them together in an album like a storyboard. This gives a unique montage and captures the family experience like never before. Missed a shot? Don’t worry, Sis got it with her iPhone! 

Can my family members and I comment on videos and photos shared?

Yes! Adding a comment is easy, fun, and reading them can be hilarious. Simply click on a video or photo, and then click on the “conversation bubble” that pops up. Type in your comments, and your family will realize how good a writer you are, on par with Shakespeare. Click on the hearts to “Like” photos as well.

Is FamlyApp free?

The app and website are free, with unlimited free storage space for family created videos and photos. Take and share as many photos and videos as you want! Our space is limitless! 

And here’s more. We archive all of your family photos and videos securely on the Internet cloud. You can search your photos by the event and retrieve all associated pictures and videos, bringing back just the memory of the event, that nostalgia, that family gathering, you always wish to remember.


Is it simple as pie to use?

If you know how to touch a smart phone screen, you’re good to go:

1. Download app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play if you have an Android device. It’s free!

2. Click on “Join”, enter your info so your family knows who you are.

3. Don’t forget to add a fun profile picture.  You’re set!

4. There are 5 buttons at the bottom of the screen:

    Left button – That’s your “Family Stream”, shared photos from you and other family members.

    Left middle button – Click here to quickly and easily invite more family members

    Middle button – That’s for taking photos and videos. Shoot, and then share. Fast and simple.

    Right middle button – That’s your “Family Members” list. You can invite new Family members here as well.

    Right button – That’s for your profile, and it shows only the videos and photos that you have personally taken.


How do I choose whom to share photos with?

You invite family members into your Famly Stream. You then see photos and videos from other family members on their Family Stream, and they see yours.  FamlyApp easily connects you to family members such as mom, dad, brother, sister, daughter, son.  You can even select further in choosing those who can see certain photos via built-in privacy options. Invite family members via their email or phone number.

I lost my iPhone. Can you help me find it?

No. But you can still access all your shared Family Stream photos and everything else on the Web! Just go to FamlyApp.com and do everything that you do on the mobile app on your Mac or PC.  You can share with everyone in your family - even if they don't have a smart phone. When you get a new phone - all of your videos and pictures will be waiting for you.

What about all the family photos already stored on my computer?

Thought you’d never ask – you can easily drag all of your existing photos on to the FamlyApp cloud and share with your family around the world.  Finally, all of your family pictures in one place.

What file types do you currently accept?

Our currently supported file formats are:

jpg | jpeg | png | gif | mov | quicktime | mp4 | avi

Can I send photos to be printed?

Great idea! Coming soon.  FamlyApp will offer your family photo printing on clothing, coffee cups, calendars, cards and photo albums.



 What is FamlyApp´s Privacy Policy?

Here’s what’s important; we will never sell or share your personally identifiable information to anyone unless we get your ok. We do not scan your content or communications and sell it to advertisiers like many sites do. We collect information from you when you register on our site, share a picture/video, or like, or comment or tag a picture, invite a family member, share a picture with a friend, place an order.  We use that information to enable you to invite family members and form family groups for the purpose of privately sharing, organizing and archiving family pictures on your mobile device and on the FamlyApp website.  

Click here for more info: Privacy Policy

Will you permanently keep my photos stored in your system?

You can always delete your photos, and they will be gone from our system. forever. You’re always in control of your “digital assets”. And you never have to worry about photos turning yellow and getting stuck to the clear plastic pages in a photo binder.

You’re accessing my Address book to find people I should consider inviting to my Family Stream? Is that safe?

Yes, this is very safe and used by many social networking services. Ultimately, you are in control of who is invited to join FamlyApp.  We don’t save or distribute your address book information we just use it to help you share with your family conveniently.  We will ask you if we can use your address book each time you log in.

And what about sending videos and photos to my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ friends?

Yes you can. You can register using FaceBook Connect. With FamlyApp you can share videos and photos with friends (if you put the picture or video on FamlyApp in the first place). Just click on the picture/video, click on the menu button in the lower right hand corner, click share, and then click Friend.  You will be able to send your item via email, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. 



How do I reach you for customer support?

 Send us email at: support@famlyapp.com and we will be back to you quickly.

I have an Android phone. What about me?

 We’ve alreay released an Android version. Click here to find it. 

I have some amazing ideas for improving the FamlyApp experience for my family. How do I send it to FamlyApp?

Submit your ideas to: info@famlyapp.com, we are all ears!

Problems? Let us known!