About Us

Hello from Santa Cruz and thank you for being a member of the best family experience on the web.

Every morning we get up and we get to do something that we think makes the world a better place, we do that by helping you and yours to bring your family closer together.

For us, it's all about those moments when you are touched by a relative who sends a funny, or pretty, or silly photo or video - and you just have to smile. We are happy to give your family a chance to store all of it's photographs and videos in one place on the web where everyone can see them and work together to create albums dedicated to events and family members.

FamlyApp has a great team that is concerned about creating an experience for you and your family that is simple and fun to use. We have created FamlyApp so that you can share your family photos and videos in a private environment where you don't have to worry about having your special moments spread randomly around the web. We also believe that advertising has no place on the pages where you share your photos and videos.

Thanks for being here. We will strive every day to earn your trust and help you to bring your family together.


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