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Your family.

Your videos and photos.

Shared. Privately!

Unlimited Video

Free unlimited video uploads and storage for all your family clips! (less than 30 seconds long) or Get FamlyApp+ (U$9.99/month) to enjoy sharing video clips up to 30 minutes long, with your entire family!

Your family album

Finally, all of your family videos and photos in one place on the cloud - it's easy and fun for everyone to make, share and store family albums!

Safe forever

Now there is a safe way to protect your family memories for generations to come. A place where you can easily share, organize, and store your videos and photos on the cloud.

Get it all on the cloud!

Instantly share videos and photos across all your family´s devices (mobile and desktop) with the press of one button! It´s easy and fun!

No Advertising

Who wants weird ads popping up next to your family content? Your personal life isn’t for sale.

It’s Private

Your family videos and pictures belong to you. Unlike the social networks you may use - we don't scan your family content and communications in order to optimize our business model.

What about Facebook and Instagram and the other guys?

Hey - they can all be fun and entertaining to use - and we use them too. But doesn’t your family deserve a special place to share and store it’s most precious moments and memories in private? Remember, FamlyApp does not track or sell your family content!


(coming soon)

Put your family photos on calendars, tee-shirts, cards and other fun stuff.